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The Nigerian Incident C. A. Mattay

The Nigerian Incident

C. A. Mattay

Published May 26th 2004
ISBN : 9780595767816
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 About the Book 

Ted Landson, a troubled oil company CEO, is thrown into a bizarre chain of events when his private plane is shot down over Colorado. Three single professional people backpacking in the mountains save his life. Heather, a Dallas programmer, finds herself thrown together with Ted. They travel to Nigeria, Africa where they must deliver secret papers to the Nigerian President. They are kidnapped and held for ransom. Their efforts to elude their captors put them in the middle of an elephant stampede as their friends in the U.S. fly in to rescue them. Back in the U.S., Ted discovers a bitter enemy as he exposes an international crime organization. Also, much to his surprise, he becomes increasingly attracted to his beautiful young companion. Lawsuits, attacks on his integrity, and a SEC investigation caused Ted to resign from Lawtex Oil Co. The loss of wealth and power cause him to reexamine his priorities in life. When a second hostage situation involving both his companion and his ex-wife, Angie takes place, Ted is forced to rethink his loyalty and love for Angie and his extended family. Teds integrity and his love for both women tear at his heart forcing him to make a tough decision.Encouraged by Heather, Ted remarries his ex-wife in the hospital and begins a healing process with his family. Two months later Angie dies from her wounds. Heather, ignored by Ted and heart broken from the loss of her new friend, yields to her convictions and accepts a teaching position at a mission school in Nigeria. There is a heart-rending scene, as two people, deeply in love, struggle to control their feelings for each other.