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Redemption (Northern Corporate Dominion, #3) Remy Hart

Redemption (Northern Corporate Dominion, #3)

Remy Hart

Published 2007
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When humans are seen only in terms of profit and loss, what happens to humanity?As government became increasingly dependent on private industry to support society, the corporations began to assert more and more control, and eventually the two became indistinguishable. When the corporate government realized that slavery could be a viable economic solution to the costs of maintaining a workforce, many citizens found themselves reclassified as corporate assets.Slaves were not taken from other civilizations through conquest, as in the past, but through more insidious means. Children, as property of their parents, could be sold to pay debts. Convicts became property of the state, and soon filled the factories and assembly lines of the private companies that bought them. Breeding farms, set up in the second generation after reinstitution, turned out enough product to meet an ever-more-voracious demand.